One Idea.

Welcome to to this strange nebulous location – my blog! I’ve started and stopped a handful of blogs in the past, but as I enter into this foreign world of non-academia this fall, I feel the urge to continue to writing. I love to read and explore my thoughts through writing and reflecting, so I hope this is a good tool to do just that. (If you can’t tell, I am a extrovert who is a verbal processor, so get ready!)

An underlying mission of this blog is to challenge myself to continue publishing ideas that I feel have real life consequences. What I mean by real-life consequences is this – for example, human rights. If we believe that each human being has a right to life, liberty, and “security of person,” each person has the opportunity to exercise their freedom to ride a bus, freedom to take a drink from a water fountain free from racial discrimination, every day, all the time. Right? The sometimes lofty idea of human rights has down-to-earth consequences for how we govern, how we lead, and how we interact daily with our sisters and brothers of the human family.

In a different vein of culture, I am fascinated by the phenomenon of the popular “prosperity gospel” often preached by fundamental Christian authors and leaders like Joel Osteen. There are plenty of Christian leaders who preach the gospel in a myriad of ways. The beautiful and awe-inspiring thing, is that amidst religious individuals’ beautifully diverse ideas, there are real-life consequences springing from them all – how their audiences serve their neighbors, spend their money, vote for politicians, volunteer their time and talents, and steer their remote to their favorite media outlet.

I am fascinated by the cultural shifts that are direct consequences of ideas. Well-thought out ideas, no-so-well-thought out ideas, uninformed ideas, inspiring ideas, institutionally-funded ideas. This is just one topic that I will explore in my blog. Here’s to many more!


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