Dancing in the Rain. And in Pictures.

So something super fun happened today. I got my picture taken by the great Andi, a friend I met at Luther Seminary.

Much like my husband, Timothy and I, Andi and Ben were newly married and then moved across the country to start seminary and live in the on-campus apartments. Ben was the one starting seminary and Andi was in the job search for full-time employment and eventually found it! They started coming to the church that was new to us as well, Cross of Hope Lutheran Church in Ramsey, MN and I’m so glad they are our friends!

Now, when I say “picture” I really mean “pictures” – as in, Andi took art and photography classes in college and I asked her to use her INSANE gift of awesome photography to help me get some glam shots for LinkedIn and if other professional opportunities arise. So I got a summer dress on, put on some fabulous $5 earrings from Target, and we spent an hour doing pictures on Como Lake at the park in St. Paul.  And if you want, I’ll put some pictures up here if you make enough noise about it.

Andi and I both have an appreciation and eye for design. She is an accountant by day, and she is an artist “by heart” you could say.

You’ll hear me talk about this a lot – vocation – in the root language, Latin, “to call” – because Andi, like all of us, has multiple vocations, gifts, yearnings, passions, roles in relationships that give her life and fuels her sense of purpose and sense of her service in the world. It was fun to be a willing participant and watch her light up doing something that gave her so much life as she watched me through her camera lens. It was a beautiful morning.

I just graduated from Luther Seminary with a Master of Arts in Systematic Theology in St. Paul, MN. Luther has a population of about 800 students, which makes it the largest of the eight theological seminaries of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America, the church of which I’m a part.

Two weeks ago I had no idea I would be starting my first non-school part-time job tomorrow (an AWESOME one involving a Lilly grant) fresh out of having to leave all my student-worker jobs at Luther because, well, I stopped being a student as I graduated.

One year ago I had no idea that I would be graduating from my master’s program this past May because I thought successfully switching degrees would be too daunting and overwhelming to do in one year.

Three years ago this Pacific Northwest hippie, me, I had no idea I would be living in the arctic tundra of Minnesota and threatening my husband walking out our Ford Fusion on the freeway in a rage over being stuck in traffic in a blizzard and we couldn’t see out the front window because frozen rain/ice was stuck to our windshield wipers.

Five years ago I didn’t even know I would want to be married in my lifetime! Still figuring out how I can be married and a feminist, but that one is a work in progress.

All I can do is laugh. Honestly. Because if I had all this planned out, planned out to the moment I sat down on this patio chair two hours ago, getting distracted on Facebook, enjoying facing the courtyard of our new St. Paul apartment with the cloud cover just barely letting the sun peak out onto me every few minutes – it wouldn’t have been nearly this much fun. I am not the Men’s Warehouse Guy – but I can guarantee it.

I have met some incredible people along the way, and I have grown and will continue to grow in my understanding of myself. Beginning my first Fall without classes and without a plan to get back to school is terrifying, but jumping in with both feet instead of just dipping one toe in is already making this a worth-while experience. And now, a moment inspired by Pinterest:

I will try not to nerd out and end this post with “This is most certainly true,” but it’s tempting.



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