My big sister is getting married in 16 days. Holy cow, I think it’s starting to sink in. Since she is in Washington state and we’re in Minnesota, I’ve been lucky to get updates and random tasks here and there. Her name is Maria, and she’s one of the most fabulous women I know. She’s my only sibling. (well, apart from my Siburg siblings!) I got this call from my Mom today, telling me Maria’s picking out her wedding shoes with her and Grandma Joanne. At Nordstrom’s no less, lucky! Here’s what they look like:

maria shoe shopping wedding_small

SO CUTE. Apparently she’s going with a gold-red rose color, and I’m sure they’ll look wonderful. We fly out just before the festivities start and then fly right back home! I wish we could stay longer. I’m so excited for Maria and her fiance Derek – they met on Maria’s first day of school at Western Washington University, she the nervous freshman with a computer problem, and Derek the helpful, shy and kind computer nerd.

I am so honored to be standing by her side on the big day, my beautiful, gifted sister who continues to change the world for good with her intelligence, love of the neighbor, crazy translating skills, faith, and giant heart, especially for LGBT youth. Love you, Maria. You are going to have a fantastic wedding, and we are going to look so fabulous with our shiny pretty shoes in 16 days!


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