Procrastination Baking

There are two types of baking for me: Procrastination baking and Baby, It’s Cold Outside baking. Yes, the later is usually involves a desire for starches and is accompanied by a really creepy Christmas song, which fortunately you don’t have to listen to because I’m pretty sure cats cry when I sing, and our apartment windows are usually not open when it’s cold.

But today’s baking adventure is Procrastination baking. And when I say “adventure” I mean let’s use the oven because I’m feeling frisky and the microwave is just too boring to make any kind of meal for a day like today. (Yes, chocolate chip cookies counts as a meal)

A big motivator was finding an excuse to use my red spatula with my red Kitchen Aid mixer. It’s just that the leaves are starting to turn on the big trees outside our apartment and I’m feeling all cuddly and capable finishing yet another “theme” for my work project (even though I want it to be done NOW so I can tackle B-Z of my priority list). So – prime time for baking cookies. And we’re going to a friend’s fall house-warming party, so what’s a few more minutes delaying the final touches on this project?

You see how my procrastination mind works in warp 1 mode.

Strangely enough, this baking adventure has paid off. They taste good. Like, really good. And they look like puddles of chocolate chips, so even better. I think they look like puddles because of the Splenda – After getting dozens of cavities, my dentist recommended that I drink one glass of water after every cup of coffee, and use Splenda instead of sugar in my coffee. So we bought a bag of Splenda (well two bags because we got it at Costco, who wouldn’t get Splenda at Costco?), and after a few failed recipe attempts at substituting Splenda for sugar, I looked up Splenda specific recipes online and found this one, “Just-Like-Mom’s Chocolate Chip Cookies.” No, not just like Mom’s, but a close second. It’s a keeper, even Timothy likes them.

He has a reason to be skeptical, one time I put tofu in chocolate pie to make it “healthier.” Yes, try, “nastier” – it tasted so bad that I couldn’t keep it a secret, I told him before he tasted it and it just made the whole thing worse. But substituting random stuff to be “healthier” is not always a bad thing – even if I’m not sure if Splenda is healthier than sugar. At least it makes for an adventurous afternoon!


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