Meet Buddy.

As you can see he’s warmed up to us and is no longer hiding under the bed or in the cupboards (he’s pretty smart). Here he’s sporting his “I am the king of the bed” pose, which I feel is somewhat comical given that I got that surang in Trinidad and Tobago, the place where my friend’s dad is still convinced that I’m “El Presidente.”

Anyway, I’ve been bugging Timothy for us to get a cat for the last year, and I finally got my wish. We have a cat. 🙂 He’s 8 years old, came from the St. Paul Como Humane Society, and is a cuddle monster.

Like, “look, I’m on my back like a helpless turtle and the least you could do is rub my tummy for a minute or two while I look adorable and gaze into your eyes.”

Every day.

It makes standing up to Timothy worth it – because of course I felt like a bother pushing for a cat, making the cat expenses budget and suggesting apartments that allowed pets this summer when we were looking, and buying the litter box and pooper scooper and food/water dishes. It’s weird being super into something that your spouse is not. Who am I kidding, that’s been Timothy and I since day one! But I’m really glad I stood up for myself and had the courage to stick out my neck for this cat. The budget’s good, we have our litter box and feeding responsibilities for my achiever, strategic, responsibility, learner, arranger husband. We have a cuddly kitty who is adorable and cute and loving. And my goodness did Timothy melt like butter the first time Buddy jumped onto his lap at the Humane Society. It was love at first sight.

Now that I’m done writing this imaginary man’s best friend novel, I thought I’d share some pictures of him. Oh goodness he’s cute, if I haven’t said that enough already.

This is his “Okay, I guess you all will do” face.

This is his “I’m so glad she got the memo that I’m more important than this paperwork, fool!” face.

This is his “zzzzfffffmmmm fffffffzzzzzzzzzzPUUUURRRRRR” face. Translation: Best place to nap ever, you should try it, Allison.

Yes, and distract me from my work, way to go, Buddy. You still need a middle name – Buddy Tuddy Siburg… Buddy Raskolnikov Siburg (Timothy’s suggestion, from the main character in Crime & Punishment, he is not a Russian cat), Buddy Antonio Siburg (Timothy’s convinced he’s Puss-n-Boots from Shrek. This could work). Any suggestions are welcome!!

So that’s basically been the heaven I’ve been living in for the last 6 days. Many more adventures to come. It certainly doesn’t hurt that I’m actually doing work work now. I’ve been super blessed to be working for Zoay Magazine now, calling potential clients to see if they’re interested in featuring their organization in advertisements in Zoay Magazine!

Friends, colleagues, astute members of the press – this is a magazine, comes out every 3 months, that serves women in ministry leadership, Protestant mainline. AWESOME!! Couldn’t be a better fit for what I’m passionate about, and what I think I’m pretty good at – talking to people about a shared vision!! Lots of calling to vestment/alb shops, stain glass window shops, ministry resource database people, jewelry places. There are some very artsy people in the church world that I had no idea of their existence before this past week. Do you know a business (or even what you’re volunteering for or working for?) that might identify with Zoay Magazine’s mission to encourage and uplift women in ministry leadership – who might want to have an ad in the magazine? You should totally tell me if anyone comes to mind!

I also got the chance, as the intern, to participate in the Center for Good Work’s strategic planning and visioning meeting last week. We talked about the purpose, mission, values, and our Big Hairy Audacious Goal (BHAG). We talked all about the BHAG for a while, and I pipped up and said “aaah I don’t do numbers so well, so worrying about quantifying this goal is getting me stuck. I’m more about people than numbers!”

This prompted another person, I think it was Pr. Siri, who suggested we think about “Tell x number of stories of Good Work in x number of years.” We launched off from here about TED talks and books and colleges and a creating an actual center – the idea and the 5 of us just blossomed as the ideas just rolled out into the room. The energy was emphatic. It was so cool. Pairing that session with my first coaching session with Jody as I walked through and piloted her Life & Design Sketchbook – it was an intense and powerful week! Learning on the go – might as well admit that that’s how my life has been, and that’s how I continue to learn the best. Here we go! 🙂

So that is what’s up lately. I wish I had more academic-y things to talk about, but my mind has not been in that vein the last couple weeks, as you can tell (i.e. CAT, YAY, TINY FAMILY!). But there you have it. Possible topics: Please vote and help me sift through these fabulous links order to pick one for me to reflect on next post: How Pinterest is Killing Feminism, I’ve Started Telling My Daughters I’m Beautiful, or Why I Haven’t Dropped Out of Seminary. All three have really made me stop in my tracks at different points in the last three weeks. But help me figure out which one I should reflect on next, if you’re so inclined!

Hope you all have a great day tomorrow! All my AAR friends – Have a wonderful time in Chicago, as we can’t make it due to, well, at this point we need to get hired full-time to take fun trips like that. 🙂 Now, back to tracking down Buddy to get some loves.


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