Happy 2013!

happy new year

Happy 2013!! 🙂 True, my “Happy 2013!” post is a little late, but all the more reason for this helpful link I’m about to share. I tend to procrastinate, a lot. I’m not as bad as I used to be, but I can still waste time pretty darn well sometimes I have projects I’m tentative about. On Facebook I requested suggestions of productivity apps in December when I was first getting used to my iPhone. To be honest with you, I’m still confused by a lot of things on my iPhone, but this article about productivity can be helpful with or without smart phone. If your resolution is to be more productive, or procrastinate less, this could be the article for you, courtesy of my friend Carrie! Seven simple suggestions. Take a look.

For me, I love number 7: Work in 60 to 90 minute intervals. I get distracted with squirrels and shiny objects and squirrels wearing shiny objects, so for me, this is a fantastic suggestion. My new year’s resolution is to live this image, which I’ve posted before:


I hope and pray that I can stick to this resolution all the way to December 31, 2013. I think a good deal of praying will be required, but I’m okay with that. I want to live each day, not trying to fit into boxes, not trying to compare myself to others, not trying to make excuses – I just want to be intentional about choosing, not “me” time, but choosing happiness – which for this extrovert, might require more people time than most. 🙂 I want to fold happiness into my work, not work for the sake of being happy after I clock out and on weekends, but for the sake of living a passionate and purpose-filled life.

I want to practice this for the next 12 months, so we’ll see how this goes! Did you make a new year’s resolution? Share it below in the comments!


One thought on “Happy 2013!

  1. My new year’s resolution is concrete this year: Take a reusable grocery bag into the grocery store with me! It’s so easy, but because it’s not routine, it feels hard. Change is not my friend in this particular action. But, I’ll do my best. It’s helpful to have a plan when dealing with change, so, I’ve purchased a teeny-weeny, folded up reusable bag, which I’ve placed in my purse. I laughed at myself the last two days, as I’ve been walking out of stores with purchases in my arms – not in a paper or plastic bag – and not in my reusable bag IN MY PURSE! Lol! Next to add to the plan: A sticky note on my steering wheel which says, “Kick self in behind in order to initiate PLAN to save the earth from extra bags!” Wish me luck! Hugs, Mumsie 🙂

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