Hi it, Bowie!

And of course as I search for David Bowie’s “Changes”, I got distracted with an adorable puppy bugging an annoyed cat.

As some of you might know, I was without full-time work since May when I graduated with my M.A. in systematic theology. I didn’t have a full-time job during school, but I was in a full-time “menternship” (intern work plus being a mentee to church staff) before my graduate work – anyway you get the picture. I’ve been searching and thirsting for a full-time opportunity that I could sink my teeth into, and also had benefits as Timothy and I are dropped off our parents’ as we turn 26 next month and in April.

I’m unsure about how all the domino pieces fell, but I found myself this past week in my first 4 days of a full-time job at Trinity Lutheran Church in Stillwater, MN dealing with vocation, life-long learning and engagement, and theological education. Yes, I am still pinching myself. Here is my cubicle:


I have this intense urge to make it adorable and welcoming but not too bright that people have to wear sunglasses. But the funny thing is that I won’t be spending much time in here as a huge chunk of my job is to collaborate and talk with people about Trinity and our lifelong learning curriculum and programming, introduce them what/why/how/who of it, and ultimately send them off to the world where this creative awesomeness can take root in places beyond the walls of Trinity.

If you’re wondering what the “what” of what I’m working with, its Trinty’s On Purpose and lifelong learning ministries. Think ‘Christian education (at church)’ mixed with ‘adult education’ mixed with ‘personal and leadership development’ mixed with ‘God’s mission in the world’ mixed with ‘small group ministry’. The people are wonderful at Trinity, and I can’t wait to see what next week brings!


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