How I Celebrated the NFL Opener

At this point in time our family and close friends are well aware of my disdain of football. Baseball’s great, but football? Apart from march madness, this is one of the gloomier seasons of a year-in-the-life of Timothy and Allison. So I did a few things this evening to ensure a good evening for both myself and Timothy, mainly, doing different things and being pretty much okay with it. 



Upon discovering Buddy cuddling with Timothy on the couch, I spent a significant amount of time explaining to him the negatives of football and glories of Zumba. He ended up sitting in the front doorway for much of the evening. 



We had dinner with a fellow Washingtonian and we helped a mutual friend: cranberry wine from Renner, South Dakota



I informed myself on all things NFL by discovering the Broncos will win according to the puppy predictors of Late Night with Jimmy Fallon. 



I felt awesome and did some Zumba. At the time, Jigglypuff felt relevant for the symbolism of this point. 

My spouse doesn’t care if I watch football or not. It’s just that I feel a strange tinge of guilt when I’m not into something he’s super interested in, because we’re married and all. Thankfully, I’m learning, spouses don’t have to do everything together all the time (phew).

My hope for this football season, for me and for you, is that I will find peace in the fact that my interests lie outside of football, and my spouses’ interests sometimes (most of the time) are related to football. Here’s to a season of rom-com movie nights, Zumba parties, mani-pedi’s, and catching up on football once in a while through Jimmy Fallon. 


One thought on “How I Celebrated the NFL Opener

  1. Oh sweetie-pie. You’ve helped me with your humorous perspective. I experience April and December Madness when Dad plays his drums for many nights in a row. His love for drumming sometimes is seen by me as the Grand Canyon. I get experience more things having to do with drums – drums on an open computer window – new drum parts on the doorstep – hearing drums at night as Dad practices – He even pats me, unknowingly, like a drum! My hope is in a new way to look at these things and you’ve helped me start. Hmm, maybe there’s something similar to Puppy Predictors out there – Monkey Mambo?



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