Lent: Mira Voce

I copy often

& I don’t create often enough

I was talking to a friend of mine in grad school and she asked me why I wrote an entire paragraph in a chapter that was solely full of quotes. None of my own commentary, just quotes. I was writing my thesis and she was kind enough to give me a critical, yet empathetic eye. I told her that these authors say things way better than I could ever phrase it. She told me that I was giving up my own voice by quoting others instead of writing down my own thought first.

For those of you who are familiar with the self-assessment the Enneagram, I believe I am unapologetically a 6.

Enneagram 6

When I’m at my best, I’m courageous, I’m a free spirit, and I trust myself and others. When I’m not at my best, I’m anxious and I silence myself in an attempt to find safety in the voices and authority of others.

I sit instead of fight; stop speaking instead of contribute; copy instead of creating.

But I’m determined to find more and be more. I feel most connected with God when I fight for what I believe in, contribute to the world, and create. So this Lent I’m going to create instead of copy, once a week, so I can hopefully be more connected with God.

Ever since I found her on Pandora, I can’t get enough of Melody Gardot’s song “Mira”. Inspired by her travels to Brazil, she wrote this song and fell in love with the Portuguese phrase “Mira voce” which loosely translates to being in awe, but being in awe to the point of exclaiming to others “wow, look at that!”

Mira screen shot

Each week I’ll reflect on where I had a “mira voce” moment. I’ll create something instead of copy someone else’s “they said it way better!” Here it goes!

Happy Ash Wednesday and Happy Lent everybody. 🙂

This blog has no ownership or rights to music by Melody Gardot or Verve Music Group.


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