Mira voce: sunshine

This post is part of a series of reflections during Lent. This year for Lent I’m trying to create more than copy once a week, inspired by the Portuguese phrase mira voce, prominently featured in a song I love by Melody Gardot, “Mira.”

This last week’s mira voce spotting wasn’t anything extraordinary – it was quite ordinary: driving in the sunshine.

I loved it.

Even as I write about it my body is melting into my chair (cue Lisboa).

Let me give you some context. This last winter in Minnesota was especially cold and long. I hope I can say that accurately in the past tense!! Almost 50 days of below the freezing point. No thank you.

So I was driving yesterday and brushed my hair off my shoulders and I noticed it was warm because it had been resting in the warming sun. I had a little happy God-moment. I know it’s Lent, but, hallelujah! WARMTH! Yes, it was 20-something outside, but as we drove past farms and little cow families across Wisconsin, the sunshine warmed the car up quite nicely. I’m not a huge fan of driving 5 strait hours, but the afternoon Sunday sunshine made it an easy decision to stay behind the wheel.

What made the afternoon even sweeter was seeing that I might have encouraged a few more Melody Gardot fans. On Instagram I follow a traveler/picture-taker/exec. creative director @dwellstudio. (I still don’t get what her job is but from what I can tell it’s awesome). When she posted a picture of her flying over Lisbon, Portugual I had to comment about Melody’s song “Lisboa” inspired by her travels to Lisbon.


After a few shared comments, I felt like an happy evil genius helping people connect to this great singer through our common love of travel.

So – travel, wanderlust, Lisboa, driving, sunshine in my hair. That’s this week’s mira voce.

This blog has no ownership or rights to music by Melody Gardot or Verve Music Group.


7 thoughts on “Mira voce: sunshine

  1. I think that when one writes freely, that creativity flows…and I could hear your voice creatively flowing through your post today! I love how you’re you!

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