Children’s Sermons in the time of COVID

The congregation I serve as pastor might be a tiny country church, but COVID has affected us too with school closures and church-adaptations. With so few kids and families coming to in person worship services because of concerns with the pandemic, I thought it was best to move our children’s sermons from Sunday mornings in worship to Tuesday morning video messages from the parsonage.

This week’s children’s message was on how sometimes we get stuck in our ways and stuck in our faith–sometimes as sticky as peanut butter, and what we can do to respond to that stickiness.

preview picture

My tiny assistant and I invite viewers to pray and join in the lessons in their homes, with a different faith topic each week. You can view them here! If nothing else, each week I get a few giggles seeing what thumbnails show up, as Caroline’s faces are often just plain hilarious.

I hope you and your loved ones are doing well during this weird season. If you need a worshipping home, or just want to worship in a different way with our crew, know you are welcome here, in person or online!


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