If you’re looking for the Storytellers pilot booklets and leader guide, you’re in the right place! Especially if your arrival here is because you came to my ELCA Youth Network Extravaganza workshop (slides here) on Monday 2/2/15, thank you for checking this out! As you download and use this in your faith community, I ask one thing in return (no, it’s not money):

Coaching and learning design is an art that I am so blessed to learn from mentors and teachers. When I first heard Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie on that TED Radio Hour podcast last summer driving to work through suburban Saint Paul, MN I had no idea it would turn into me writing a crazy experiment of a small group curriculum, but here we are. The whole field of coaching and learning design is growing, is super diverse, and most importantly I believe it matters SO MUCH for the future health of our world and church. This kind of work is often valued at $75/hour for coaching or $100 for the final product of a learning experience – a set of booklets and leader guides to cover the intellectual property, editing, and distribution (which thankfully we can pass over with the dawn of the internet) – but here, I’m not asking for financial compensation.

I ask that as you use this curriculum, please compensate my work and vocation through the currency of learning. Make it a practice on the evening of each session, or at the completion of all six, to please email or Facebook message me what you learned as a leader in facilitating Storytellers; just four questions:

1. Take a snapshot of the room – who was there and how did it go?

2. What surprised you?

3. What affirmed you?

4. What did you learn that you want to take with you to the next session/event/trip you lead?

We’re all storytellers, and as people of faith, we see the importance of understanding that our stories aren’t all about us, but point to a bigger narrative and story of God’s work, justice, and love in the world. Help me grow and share Storytellers by sharing with me what you learned from the experience of leading it. I realize that this asks more of you, since time is even more precious than money as you live our your own vocations. But that’s what I hope you do – we are stronger together, and we are even stronger when we learn together.

Have a blast! Curate your space with warmth and humor. Love your people. Listen to their stories. Here’s the booklet & the leader guide!

God’s peace & thank you,



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