I’m still learning from…

This ecumenical community of clergy women under the age of 40, check out Young Clergy Women International.

This video will change your life. I am such a fan of Brene Brown and her TED talks.

An amazing preacher and beautiful honest-to-goodness follower of Jesus. Gotta give it up to Nadia Bolz-Weber, because there’s only one of her in the whole world.

I’m going to be the boss.” An awesome video that reminds me why the Girl Scouts’ mission resonates with me still today!

Women of the ELCA (Evangelical Lutheran Church in America) is a national organization that helps women make waves, helping people around the globe and cultivating faith. I’m particularly excited to see where efforts like Cafe for young adults might take them!

And you can’t go wrong with Pinterest. I’m a visual learner, what can I say. Style and color inspire me, and I’m not about to stop them!

Inspiring servant-hearted people I’ve connected with at Pacific Lutheran University and/or Luther Seminary: Claremont student and writer friend Margaret, director, leader, visionary Sara Wilhelm Garbers, MDiv-er, pastoral intern, Emmy.


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